jessica. 30 something. Manic Pixie Dream Catlady. I live in the Internet, but also in Akron, Ohio. 5'7", thick in the thighs. I love: pugs, tattoos, standup comedy, The Hold Steady, glasses, internet memes, terribly offensive things, boobs, whiskey, lowbrow art, guys with beards, my mom, your mom, and music (mostly indie, hardcore, and metal). you should have a crush on me, i'm awesome.
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"So if it has to be a secret

Then I guess that I can deal with it”

The Hold Steady - The Weekenders (Live)


In the end, I bet no one learns a lesson…

i love this video. i love any acoustic Hold Steady video where Craig looks confused, and do i spy an air guitar?


she said the theme of this party’s the industrial age, and you came in dressed like a trainwreck.

Seriously can’t wait for Louisville! 12 days!