jessica. 30 something. Manic Pixie Dream Catlady. I live in the Internet, but also in Akron, Ohio. 5'7", thick in the thighs. I love: pugs, tattoos, standup comedy, The Hold Steady, glasses, internet memes, terribly offensive things, boobs, whiskey, lowbrow art, guys with beards, my mom, your mom, and music (mostly indie, hardcore, and metal). you should have a crush on me, i'm awesome.
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my Hold Steady tattoo. i wanted to get something other than the symbol from the album, which seems to be a common tattoo amongst fans.

i got the diamond because diamonds become beautiful under extreme conditions. and well, my life was hijacked by an extremely toxic man for four years. i allowed him to lie, verbally and emotionally abuse me…and i came out the other side, beautiful.

and yes,  i have arm chub. who cares, get over it. i did.