jessica. 30 something. Manic Pixie Dream Catlady. I live in the Internet, but also in Akron, Ohio. 5'7", thick in the thighs. I love: pugs, tattoos, standup comedy, The Hold Steady, glasses, internet memes, terribly offensive things, boobs, whiskey, lowbrow art, guys with beards, my mom, your mom, and music (mostly indie, hardcore, and metal). you should have a crush on me, i'm awesome.
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From my Limited Edition zine You Don’t Know Me, made for Sticky Institute’s Feed The Animals 2014 (now all sold out, sorry!)

More of my zines and artwork on my Etsy store <3 <3 <3

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Its a strange feeling

when you’re in a room with

someone you used to talk to

everyday, and

all the time with

and really have nothing

to say to them anymore.

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forever pissed that they broke up… 

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Sometimes the sea
Makes sense to me.
But really,
I hate the color




I love these.