jessica. 30 something. Manic Pixie Dream Catlady. I live in the Internet, but also in Akron, Ohio. 5'7", thick in the thighs. I love: pugs, tattoos, standup comedy, The Hold Steady, glasses, internet memes, terribly offensive things, boobs, whiskey, lowbrow art, guys with beards, my mom, your mom, and music (mostly indie, hardcore, and metal). you should have a crush on me, i'm awesome.
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You guys I am feeling chill as fuck right now


bunny girl started out as silly doodles but then I fell in love

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Four Days.


get hammered!!


The Hold Steady is one of the top 10 live bands performing today, in my opinion. I’ve seen them so many times over the years, and every show is a mesmerizing experience. Craig Finn knows how to work a crowd, and every musician in the band is a rock solid performer (even minus Franz Nicolay, who I still miss). Last night at the Great American was no exception. I had the good luck to be part of a very small audience at one of their South by Southwest shows in March, which was the first time I’d seen them perform some of the “Teeth Dreams” material, and it was great to get to see them do those songs with a bit more touring on them.


Our friend Craig Finn and The Hold Steady were on Conan this week. They played ‘I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You' from their newest album 'Teeth Dreams’.



Lol Lebron

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Photographer: Michael Charles

Jewelry: House Of Cach

Hair and Makeup: Erin Driscoll

Models: Lauren Farrington

              Adam Rose

             Cameron Quinlon

            Christopher King